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A Tale of Two Races - Dunes 50 Mile Race

On Saturday, April 27, I lined up at the start of the Dunes 50 mile race for the second year in a row.
I was running to see if my first 50 miler (a win), was a fluke. I fondly recall that race as maybe the best day of my life (not really- I'm married to an awesome man, have birthed 2 sons... there have been many "best days"). I was running to see if I could have another strong performance and another best day. *Spoiler alert* The answer would be "no." But maybe a little "yes," as well. It took me about 28 miles to realize that running ultras is so much like childbirth... the further you live from the experience, the more amnesia you have about the pain. This isn't any big news flash, check out the book, The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath. It's just a critical fact to remember as you're preparing to do that extremely difficult thing again.
Even now, a week out, I'm already contemplating the Wild Florida 120 mile race. I've a…

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