What am I doing?

Well, here I am typing my first ever blog entry. And asking myself the title question. What am I doing? Why am I writing a blog? I guess it's more like a public journal for me. Maybe it's a chance to step outside my comfort zone and let others peak inside my brain. The thought is a little scary, and maybe that's why I am doing it.

So, what is this blog going to be about? Mostly to journal my journey through training for two half-marathons and a marathon this winter. Hence the title of this blog, and again the title of this entry. During the most difficult long runs I sometimes wonder why I'm out in the sauna that is South Florida, slogging through miles. But running for me is a time to connect to myself and to my Savior. When I am out there all alone with only my thoughts and my Jesus, I find peace that I just can't seem to find in most other places. So, hopefully this will also be about what God is doing in me.

So, Monday I printed out my marathon training plan from the Runner's World website. According to the schedule, I'm 27 weeks away from the full marathon. I'm excited for what will be my third marathon. My first two were not stellar, so I'm going to log more miles in training this time. However, I know that my biggest obstacle is in my own brain... so, I plan to work on that, too!


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