“You must do the thing you think you cannot do” --Eleanor Roosevelt

"How far are you running tomorrow?" he asked.

"Only 10 miles." (Insert sound of a record screeching to a stop.)

After I replied, the whole world stopped. Did I really just say "only 10 miles" referring to a distance I would be running?!? "Only 10 miles" is usually said to indicate a short distance by car... I now live only 10 miles from work; or the beach is only 10 miles away. 

You see, I once thought 1 mile was a long run. I once laughed when asked if was a runner. I once said I would never run a marathon-- "that's just crazy!" I once thought that getting older meant slowing down, gaining weight, and living a life that was mediocre. 

Some how I discovered that really living involves stepping outside your comfort zone, overcoming obstacles, and "doing the thing[s] you think you cannot do." Why should I settle for less? Why should I let my happiness be dictated by whether my favorite contestant wins American Idol or Survivor? It's so much better to get out there and live. And not just live, but live differently and with passion. So, what is it you said you'd never do? 


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