Marathon Mind Fog

Ok. This is totally a "Note to Self" because running a marathon is a lot like child birth-- the farther away you get from the actual event, the pain of the thing seems to be completely forgotten. So, here are some things I'd like to remind myself of, the next time I decide it would be a great idea to run a marathon:

1. It's A LOT of running. Ok, that seems like a no brainer. But really, I always forget the multiple weeks of 3-4 hour long runs on the weekend.  Then the day of the long run, there's the feeling of exhaustion the remainder of the day. The painful shuffling around the house in my compression pants. Lying around on the couch. However, I do get to consume copious amounts of food on those days.

Uhm... that's about all I've got. Maybe I should save this list and add to it after the 26.2. I really thought I had a long list of "why nots." Must be part of the Marathon Mind Fog I seem to be in. It has to be something chemically happening in the body when a person goes from 14 weeks of adding mileage to all of a sudden cutting back. As a matter of fact I did 2 things this week that I will attribute to the Marathon Mind Fog because had I really logically thought through these things, I would have run screaming in the opposite direction. First, I sent in an email application for a reality t.v. show called "Unbreakable." The description is pretty much a Tough Mudder on steroids. Sleep deprivation is the most frightening of the challenges that I might face. In reality, with all of the applicants, the odds of me being selected are pretty slim. I mean, who wants to watch a tiny Christian book nerd English teacher fight through obstacles? And for my second act of irrationality... I signed on to do the Keys 100 mile relay race. With a team of people I don't know. Not all that bad, except for the fact that this social phobic will be trapped in a van with them for 100 miles (minus the ones I run). Yikes. My palms are sweating just thinking about it. So, maybe I can add to the list:

2. The final weeks before the marathon cause me to completely lose the ability to apply logic and reason to simple decisions.


  1. I think you are FABULOUS! Way to go for it!!!


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