Feeling Like a Kid Again

I just got my bicycle repaired, and I finally went for a ride. Let me tell you, aside from playing in the mud (see my previous post), nothing makes me feel more like a kid again than riding a bike. Let me explain...

Growing up in a small town, I rode my bike everywhere. I would ride to my friends' houses, my cousins', the park to play basketball or tennis, my high school for practice, and sometimes I just rode to no where in particular. I loved my bike. My first bike I remember was purple and had a black and white banana seat. Then one summer, I won $100 in a contest from Captain Crunch cereal, and I bought a beautiful black and white 10- speed. Now, I never used any of the speeds; I don't believe I ever even changed gears.

Fast forward into adulthood. I bought my current bike two years ago. After not having ridden a bike in several years, I was a little intimidated. However, it really is true, you never forget how to ride a bike. Getting back on, I felt transported back in time. Feeling the breeze in my face, created by my own pedal power. It's freeing.

How I feel when riding my bike.

How I actually look when riding.


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