You Made a Resolution. Now What?

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
-Henry David Thoreau 

Whether you call it a resolution or a goal, most of us have determined to be better in 2013. You've seen the quote: 
So, let's not just set goals. Let's make a plan. After all, in order to be successful in reaching our goals we must be SMART:
Here are a few things I recommend:

Start Now. I hear so many people talking about tomorrow. Or Monday. When we blow it (and usually for me it's eating junk), too often we throw our hands up and give up for the whole day. I say, don't wait until tomorrow. Start now.

Make Wise Choices. And not just about the physical. Choose to let things go. Don't get upset or angry. Stress tears down the body. Eat healthy. Move your body. Clear your conscience. Laugh often.

Add Mini Goals. Set a smaller goal that will help you reach the big one. If your goal is to run a marathon, set a mini goal to run a 5k. If your goal is to squat your weight, set a mini goal to squat a weight half-way between your current best and your body weight.

Research. Use the resources available to better yourself. Youtube is full of how to videos that will provide proper techniques on how to master new exercises. Or there is my personal favorite-- the public library. You might be surprised to find a variety of yoga and pilates dvd's, strength training books, new motivating tunes, and biographies on incredible athletes who inspire.

Try Something New. Join a gym. Quit the gym. Try yoga. Try CrossFit. Hire a trainer. Fire your trainer. If you haven't been happy with your results to this point, then try something new. 

My "something new":

They should be called QUAD burns.

They're actually quite painful.


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