Reasons I Love Running

So, lately, I have not been running's biggest fan. I know why-- Wendler's Advanced 5/3/1 program is wiping me out. Add to that peak mileage for my birthday half marathon, and all I want to do is sleep in. Every day. And take a nap every afternoon. The last 3 long run Sundays have seen me dreading the run. I place I don't like to be. So, I thought this would be a good time to remind myself why I love to run.

1. Running provides much needed "me" time-- no one repeats my name over and over; I can talk, sing, cry and lol on a run.
2. It is an intense, calorie burning exercise-- not sweating while riding a stationary bike = pretty easy. Not sweating while running = impossible.
3. No equipment necessary-- thanks to the growth of the barefoot movement, shoes are not even required.
4. No gym membership necessary-- 'nuff said.
5. It provides much needed prayer time-- just me and Jesus, that's how I like my runs.
6. It allows me to work through my problems-- I've planned lessons, curriculum units, race strategies, written blog posts and chapters of a novel,  and even invented more than a few products that would make life easier (but are unbelievably impractical).
7. It helps me stay sane-- maybe.
8. It's cheaper than therapy-- yes, it's a common t-shirt quote, but so very true.
9. I get to see some interesting sights-- I once saw a bobcat (yes, it was pre-dawn, but I promise it was a real, live furry bobcat); just the other day I saw a hawk with a turtle dove firmly pinned to the ground.
10. I sometimes find some pretty cool stuff-- best find: $7.
11. I sometimes find some pretty creepy stuff-- creepiest find: large carving knife in the road.
12. It makes me feel like a kid again-- rain? No problem; put on a pair of old shoes and splash through all the puddles.
13. Fresh air.
14. Opportunities to better myself with each run. Run faster, or farther, or stronger.
15. It improves my math. How many miles have I run; how many to go? Mile split calculations. Pace per mile calculations.
16. Vitamin D-- more miles = more time outside in the sun.
17. Run more; eat more. (This should probably be reason #1).
18. It makes me eat healthier. The higher the miles, the more I crave healthy food.
19. Bling. Races = bling. At this point, I think I have more race medals than pieces of jewelry. (Not that I've run a bazillion races, I just don't have lots of jewelry.)
20. Post race parties. Some are better than others. The best I've found is the 13.1 Miami Beach post race event-- complete with arroz con pollo. Some provide free beer. Some cookies. Some Starbucks. Nearly all give bananas and bagels.

To be continued...
So, tell me. Why do you love to run?


  1. I run for many of the same reasons, but mostly I run for those that can't!!

  2. Running helps me see that I am stronger than I ever thought I was.


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