The Problem with Reaching Your Goal

Goals are awesome. Everyone should have a goal. Something to set your eyes on. Something you want to achieve. Goals give us drive. Focus. A finish line to reach.

The closer you get to the goal, the more energized you feel. 
Maybe there's an extra bounce in your step. 
Victory is near. 
The struggle against that thing you've been working so hard to overcome is almost over.
And then...

It is finished. 

You find yourself initially elated. YOU DID IT!!!! You celebrate. 
Bask in the glory of your achievement.
Post on every social media site you can.
Share epic pictures.

But then comes, "Now what?" You're a little hollow, once the mud dries, the cuts and callouses heal and the muscles are no longer sore. Maybe you even feel a little restless, lethargic, even. Maybe your day off to rest and recover stretches into two, and then another after that. Maybe you've lost it-- your desire, your fire, your mojo. What now?

Chin up.
Eyes ahead.
Find it.
That next thing.
What else is lacking?
What haven't you conquered?
Time for a new start.
Another chance.


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