Lessons Learned in Competitions

Read Part 1, Florida Open at CrossFit Fortress: My Experience.

Original photo by Oscar Bello
Lessons Learned from my first Rx CrossFit Competition:

  1. Rx is no joke. Ok, this might be obvious. I expected it to be harder. The loads to be heavier. However, I greatly underestimated the caliber of the athletes. These girls are FIT. 
  2. Don't judge a book by its cover. Or an athlete by her looks. I do this thing-- you do it, too-- where I size up the competition and decide who is the one to beat. Don't. Looks are deceiving, and when we're talking high intensity competition, heart is a bigger factor than size or shape. Your eyes might be on that one girl while 5 others pass you.
  3. Know thyself. What makes sense for other athletes, may not make sense for you. You train in your body every day. At competition time, why would you try a different strategy? Go with your gut. Don't try to compete with someone else's style. Don't try to run someone else's race.
  4. Stick to the known. Similar to the last lesson-- there's everything to be said for NOT trying anything new on competition/race day. No new shoes (unless they are identical to the old). No new gear. No new food. 
  5. Don't quit. It ain't over 'til the obese guy sings.
  6. Be a good sport. If you do well, be humble. If you finish before others, go cheer them on. If you don't do well, getting angry at yourself because you have an "off" event greatly diminishes the strength and the greatness of your competitors. Beating yourself up because you didn't have your best day is not helpful. Be gracious and humble no matter how you place. 
  7. Learn. You can only do your best. Things not go your way? You are better because you didn't win or podium or even place in the top 50%. What will you do differently next time? What weaknesses were unveiled that you will target in training?


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