Men's Health Week

As important as it was for me to blog about Women's Health Week, I feel it's even more vital for me to write about Men's Health Week.

Many of the important men in my life have the deadly habit of NOT visiting the doctor. Ever.

But it's NOT manly. It's not being a tough guy. It's being ignorant. Not knowing what's going on in your body doesn't mean you won't get sick or that you aren't sick. (And that goes for all of us... so, women-- did you make your appointments during Women's Health Week?)

Women, I'm not quite sure what you have to do to get your man (be it husband, boyfriend, father, brother or grandpa) to the doctor for a check up, but do it. Sadly, I've lost my father-in-law to cancer and my grandfather to heart disease. Neither had a history of regular check ups or taking care of their own bodies. They did much for everyone else, but their own health wasn't high enough on their "honey do" list.

The best thing you can do for the people you love is to take care of your body!

Check out this great infographic that provides a Roadmap to Men's Health:
Once again, I'm grateful for Oscar Health Insurance of NJ and NY, who provided this great info-- and the reminder that Men's Health Week is June 21- 27. 


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