What's New for Spartan Race... and Win!

Here's the thing... this is the first year since Spartan Race's beginning in 2010 that I haven't done a Spartan Race. And I thought I'd be fine with that. The races that came close to me this year just didn't fit into my schedule. In thinking of missing them at the time I shrugged my shoulders, thinking no big deal. 

But I've really missed it. I can't say that I'm a diehard Spartan-- I've never once yelled "AROO!" at a race. Never done a trifecta. Never gone to Vermont. Never done a hurricane heat.

However, that first Spartan Super in Miami was the gateway into obstacle course racing, and really into functional fitness. I discovered a true love for training. My training shifted from sitting on machine and isolating muscles to running, climbing monkey bars and ropes, swinging kettlebells, and doing burpees (lots of burpees). Training for that first Spartan taught me to appreciate what my body can do.

My first Spartan Race was absolutely exhilarating. I ran through trails, swam, jumped, crawled and climbed walls. I was transformed into a living, breathing human being and transported to my childhood days of running through my grandma's acres of woods. The finish line was beginning of my growth into becoming an athlete as an adult. And as they said in the early days at Spartan Race, You'll know at the finish line.

Flash forward to today... Spartan has some BIG things happening:
Race passes... 
The Trifecta pass, which offers 3 codes good for Spartan Races... (ideally for the trifecta, but you can choose to register for any 3 events).

The 2017 (Open or Elite) Season Pass will gain you unlimited entries into 2017 races, a free spectator pass, free bag check, multi-lap discounts and all kinds of Spartan goodness. Check out the Spartan Race website for complete details.

New Medals

Because, let's be real. We want an amazing race experience, but we want some really amazing bling because it's the tangible reminder of our race.

New Obstacles
The Spartan Race team has proven a high level of ingenuity in creating some brand new obstacles, like the one seen here and in the video series. There has been a dramatic increase in the innovation of the obstacles from 2010 to 2017. The races aren't just about crawling through mud and climbing walls any more. These obstacles required both skill and strength.

The 2016 Reebok Spartan World Championship on NBC

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