No Luck Run 2017 (Plainfield, IN)

One of the best reasons to run races is because they represent so much-- a culmination of a long period of training, a celebration of a particular moment in time, a memorial or tribute to something greater than yourself. I had no idea that this little race would leave such a giant impression on my heart.

The No Luck Irish Run is organized by RaceMaker Productions. A portion of every entry was delegated to help pack over 10,000 meals for the homeless. A kids' race, a 5k, and a half marathon were all part of the day's festivities. The race was well- organized and volunteers were friendly and helpful. What made this race unique and will have me coming back in the future was that runners were encouraged to come on the day of packet pickup and help pack meals. So, it was more than just asking runners to give a few bucks, it was challenging them to DO something to make a change in their community. 

This South Florida girl was absolutely freezing on race morning, although temps would reach above 40 by the time I finished the half, it was by far the coldest race I've run. The course was flat and scenic as we ran through a paved trail for the middle miles. But what made this race so memorable to me was that it was the first event I've done with my mom. She has always been active and fit, running for leisure and exercise for as long as I remember. I twisted her arm a bit to convince her that returning to the 5k was possible and would be a blast. She bought tall socks and matching green sweatshirts and I bought us some silly leprechaun tights, and we were ready to run. 

The half started before the 5k, so I didn't get a chance to see Mom start or finish. It's been a long time since I've done a half, so I wasn't quite sure how fast I would go... 9:30ish, I figured. After the second mile, I was surprised to learn I had run about an 8:15 mile, and I didn't feel too bad. I ran by feel and surprised myself by maintaining a pace well under 9 minute miles. It wasn't until the last mile that the race began to catch up with me. I tried to find the higher gear, but my legs were done, and I found  myself slowing despite feeling like I was giving more effort. 

I finished in 1:50:17:59. A PR by 2 minutes and enough for 3rd place in my age group. And I was happy to learn that my Mom also finished 3rd in her age group. 


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