All the Things

I find myself too frequently answering...


when asked how I am. And it's the truth. But "busy" is not how I am. It's what I am doing

Isn't that what we do in life? We connect our identity to what we are, not who we are. And when we measure our identity in what we do, we let things and activities and accomplishments define us. In this social media world that we now live in, it's much easier to be a human doing. How else do we know that we're living life?

Maybe it's just me. I love lists. Checking things off. At the end of the day, seeing on paper what I got done. But when I'm only focusing on my "To Do" list, I become nearsighted. All I see are the things. All the things.

I'm saying this to me more than to you. Don't miss the people. The opportunities to touch a life. Oddly, it makes me think of a tough concept in grammar. Did you know...

Everyone, everybody, everything, every... these words are singular. This always rocks my students' worlds. "But everyone sounds like a whole lot of people." Yes, I always reply, but they are all individual people.

Don't miss the opportunity to really live and really love.

Slow down. Breathe. Be.


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