Your Next Big Thing

"So, what's your Next Big Thing?"

Right now it's hunkering down and waiting for Hurricane Irma to pass over.
Typically, this is a common question from friends just after I finish a race or event. But it's also the big question on my mind as well. Like I'm just catching my breath and already thinking about the next thing. It's not that I'm never satisfied with an achievement-- I just know myself too well. I tend to lose interest in training if I don't have something to look forward to. The Next Big Thing keeps me motivated.

Let ME ask YOU...

"So, what's your Next Big Thing?"

Pick something. Anything:

  • acquire a new skill... take guitar lessons, study Spanish, learn to knit (Youtube makes all of these things much easier to learn)
  • train for something different... yoga, Crossfit, cycling, swimming
  • try something you've never done before... volunteer, paddle board, church, a book club, a 5k
  • travel to a special location... visit the redwoods, the Grand Canyon, your grandparents
  • embrace a risk... hike the Appalachian trail, run a marathon, write a book
Choosing a Next Big Thing brings a little adventure into your daily life. It gives you something to plan for, a goal to reach toward. Suddenly you're finding new purpose and adding excitement to your days. 

My Next Big Thing was supposed to be the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. However, when I checked into purchasing my flights, I realized the marathon falls early the morning after my son's Senior Night-- his last regular season home football game of his high school career. No chance I'm missing that. No late night/early enough flights to get me to the race on time. Fortunately, the race organizers have sympathy for my situation and allowed me to defer my race to next year. 

My Next Big Thing now has become a 6 hour timed run that was supposed to be a marathon training run. The race is the Hades Underworld Challenge. They offer a variety of distances, but I'm taking on the 6 hour, as many 5 mile loops as possible version. And I'm really excited. This will be the first race I've done like this, so I'm hoping I can hit 6 laps or 30 miles before the cutoff. We'll see. 
Pre-Irma run this morning


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