My Husband is Right.

Well, today I did my first real speed work of my marathon training. I've only averaged about 15 miles a week-- far from where I had planned to be at this point (only 3 weeks out from my 13.1 Ft. Lauderdale). My desire has been to run faster. Runner's World, Running Times, and various other running resources have been little help. Their solution, essentially is to just run faster. Duh. Short of years of adding miles and slowly increasing my pace. I haven't found much hope. They tell me that at my age, time is not on my side, and I will only begin that fatal decline in pace.

So, I consulted my resident fitness expert, my hubby. He's lived the life of a body builder, a power lifter, and a personal trainer (both "life" certified and now certified through Cooper's Institute Master Trainer program, NSCA, and Nike Sparq, to name a few). I've spent the last year arguing with him-- he knows heavy weights, not running. Why should I listen to him-- up until a year ago he'd never even run an official 5k, let alone read a bazillion articles on running, like me. About the time I decided that my methods did not seem to be getting me very far, very fast, and that maybe I should try his methods, he decided that I was impossible. But, at my begging and pleading he has been reluctantly investing in me, his most difficult client. And I am learning: power cleans, dead lifts, and a variety of other heavy lifting techniques actually will make me a faster runner. So, this morning's first speed work of the season? I matched my 5k PR. Thank you, Mr. Craig Lawson, best personal trainer and husband in the world!


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