Where Do I Start?

1. Start where you are. That means right now. Not tomorrow. Not next Monday. Because between now and then, you will find a bazillion reasons why you can't start then, either. Don't wait to lose 10 pounds before you start. As Nike says, "Just Do It." Whatever you are doing now, do more. If you are a couch potato, get up and walk around the neighborhood. If you currently walk a little, walk a little more. If you currently walk a lot, add some running. Check out a Couch to 5k program here.

2. Don't worry about what you look like when you are exercising. Look, we humans are a selfish, pride -filled bunch. The person looking at you is thinking about him/herself, trying to figure out how he/she compares to you. So what if you're not where you want to be, that's why you're working out, right?

3. Do worry about what you are wearing when you are working out. You don't need to wear spandex and a bra top. Please, I want your body covered, especially if I am using that bench after you get up. (I'm not entirely convinced that those sanitizing wipes completely remove the funk.) I recommend dri-fit type material. Cotton can get heavy when filled with sweat (and you should be sweating). Also, invest in a good pair of shoes, especially if you are running. Stores like Marshall's, Ross, and TJMaxx often have great deals on name brand workout gear. However, you are working out, not going to a photo shoot. If it makes you feel good to match perfectly and cake on the make-up, feel free. Just don't expect me to look pretty.

4. Eat right, now. And maybe I mean eat right now. Don't skip meals; as a matter of fact, add some healthy snacks. Just remember, calories taken in must be less than calories burned if you are trying to lose weight. I wrote a blog about diet, K.I.S.S. Don't start tomorrow or Monday. Start right now.

5. Lift heavy things. If you are a woman, you will not start looking like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Women who pack on tons of muscle and begin looking like men, often have some chemical help to do so. Join a gym or hire a trainer, if you've never done strength training before. You must be cleared by a doctor before beginning any new exercise program. And you must be sure to perform the exercises correctly to prevent injury. A great article on the benefits of strength training is here.


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