GORUCK Challenge = Training for Life?

I spent last weekend at the ASCD educator's convention in Chicago. While there, I developed a whole new appreciation for the GRC. I was surprised to find that all of the crazy training and racing events that I complete have done so much more than just develop a strong body and mind, they have also prepared me for life in the following ways:
St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is interesting!

  1. Teamwork-- not only was the importance of this concept reinforced multiple times in numerous sessions, but I also lived it. Together, ten colleagues and I navigated our way from the airport to our hotel via train and foot. We additionally had to come to decisions on where to dine and how to get there. Not a big deal, you think, but for a person who is incredibly independent, the GRC experience made these teamwork activities a much easier one.
  2. Cold Tolerance-- this South Florida girl had to walk the streets of Chicago in far less colder temperatures than I am used to. Thanks to both my experience in Tough Mudder's Arctic Enema and the GRC, these uncomfortable treks were a piece of cake.
  3. Rucking--working my way through crowded hallways, stairways, buses and bathroom stalls was easy with my backpack (especially since I was only walking with a few pounds on my back.)
  4. Sleep deprivation-- arriving at my hotel at nearly eleven p.m. and then waking up to workout the next morning just after 5 a.m. was no problem. Maneuvering through the streets of Chicago a little past my bedtime was much better than 10 hours of overnight trekking with no sleep.
  5. Adaptability-- I'm growing my way out of being a control freak. When someone else books a trip, assigns your travel partners and your roommate, what other choice do you have? However, this trip I noticed that my attitude has shifted... I was much more relaxed about not being able to chart my own course, a maturity that has been developed through various events... but mostly through mothering two teen boys. 
I still can't believe I didn't buy anything at Hershey's.


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