For the Beginner

“Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.” ― Carl Bard

I've had people say to me that they want to do this or that, but they just don't know where to start. So, this blog is for you, Newbie to physical fitness. If your only experience in working out has been in high school gym class, this post is for you. Just know, I celebrate you! Don't get frustrated and never give up on yourself. You are beginning a journey that will change you not just physically, but mentally as well.

I'm listing some of my favorite exercises that require little to no equipment. Youtube is a great resource; there you will find demos of all of these exercises. Always use good form. If possible, hire a good personal trainer who will teach you proper form and technique. And most importantly, see your doctor for a physical first to be sure you are healthy enough to start a fitness program.

Exercises for legs
Body weight squats-- sit back and keep your weight in your heels as you squat and go LOW
Lunges-- always make sure your knee doesn't go past your toe as you lunge
Step ups-- use a chair and, well, step up
Stairs-- you guessed it, up and down
Straight leg dead lifts--  booty out, bend at waist and feel the stretch

Exercises for back
Pull ups-- you can get a bar that hooks onto a door frame for @ 20 bucks. Give yourself a boost by hopping off the floor.
One arm row-- right hand, right knee on a chair, bench or couch, bend at waist and pull dumbbell off the floor with left hand (motion is similar to pull starting a lawn mower)
Super man-- lying face down on floor, arms stretched overhead, raise arms and legs off the floor and hold

Exercises for chest
Push ups-- hands should be directly under your shoulders; keep your booty down and back flat
Diamond push ups-- forefingers and thumbs touch on the floor, forming a diamond shape
Moving push ups-- do a pushup, then "side-step" with your right hand and foot, do an equal number to the right and left

Exercises for shoulders
Shoulder presses-- hold a dumbbell in each hand and press them from your shoulders straight up to overhead
Dumbbell shoulder flys-- arms straight, lift them out to the side and up to shoulder height

Exercises for core
Sit ups-- be sure to use your abs to pull your upper body off the ground. Don't strain with your neck.
Crunches-- a half sit up
4 count flutter kicks-- lie on your back, heels six inches off the floor, legs straight, flutter your feet
Windshield wipers-- same starting position as above, but feet stay together and "wipe" from side to side; heels never touch the ground.
Rocket ups-- same starting position as above,  legs straight out, and then brought to a 90 degree angle, heels then push straight up to the sky
Planks-- body in  the push up position, but with forearms on the ground. Hold.
Side planks-- push up starting position, but rotate to one side so that 1 arm is holding your body weight

Exercises for arms
Biceps curls-- dumbbell in each hand, palms facing forward and curl the weight up
Hammer curls-- hold dumbbells at sides, palms facing in and curl the weight straight up
Concentration curls-- while seated, prop right elbow against right knee and curl
Triceps extension-- holding a weight in both hands overhead, bend elbows to lower weight behind head, keeping elbows close to your ears
Triceps kickbacks-- youtube this one-- correct form is important and hard to explain


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