All I Want for Christmas... (Favorite Fitness Gifts)

Everybody else is doing it... so here is my Christmas Wish list. I haven't tested and tried each of these, some I have and some I've heard so many good things about that I'd love to have them.

These are my "must haves" for living a fitness life:

1. CrossFit box membership. Some CrossFit boxes are better than others. Do your research; make sure there is an Oly lifting certified coach. Try the box out first. Coaches should be circulating among the class, correcting form and giving specific encouragement. I feel that done right, CrossFit offers the best training for getting and staying healthy and fit.

2. Shoes. I'm not going to tell you what shoes to buy. If you're a runner, go to a running store and get fitted for the shoes that are right for you. I personally love the Saucony brand. For general strength training, I prefer a light weight shoe that gives a fair amount of support. And since this is my wish list, I would add a pair of Oly lifting shoes. But those are a bonus and a luxury item, not a necessity.

3. Protein. I confess-- I pick my protein solely based on price. Not taste. Not how well it mixes with water. I recommend whey protein. Usually I use GNC's ProPerformance 100% Whey. Sometimes we use Designer Whey Protein. And most recently I've tried Gaspari Nutrition's Myofusion Probiotic Series which mixes extremely well with water in a shaker cup and is quite tasty.

4. Compression tights. My favorite happen to be Under Armour's Heat Gear capris. I've heard excellent things about CW-X tights, and these are definitely on my wish list. Why compression? It's like a big warm hug for your tired muscles. They aid recovery and maybe even performance.

5. Calf sleeves or compression socks. Again, this comes down to personal preference. If I had to choose, I would take the calf sleeves because I think they are easier to size, and they completely cover my calves.

6. A watch. I have the classic, plain-Jane, get the job done Timex Ironman. It comes with the absolute basic necessities-- time, laps, stopwatch, timer with intervals and alarm. The timer is great because I can set it up for speed work intervals or tabata training. The watch on my wish list? The Garmin Forerunner with all the bells and whistles-- GPS, heart rate monitor, and even VO2 Max? Seriously.

7. Wrist wraps. Ok, so I have a pair that are technical and give great support. However, my wish list includes these wraps that are a bit more fun! What is the point of wrist wraps? They just provide extra support when doing heavy over head lifts-- or really any kind of lift involving pushing.

8. Comfy clothing. Ok, one of the most beautiful things about the growing popularity of CrossFit (aside from the health benefits) is the increase in cute, functional and often sarcastic workout apparel. I love shirts like this:
From Life as Rx
These type shirts are everywhere in typical stores that sell specifically to CrossFitters, but don't forget about Etsy!  And don't forget shorts... I love the ones below from Lulu. Warning-- I highly recommend that the ladies try on potential training clothes-- find a private mirror and do some mock lifts. Make sure that you won't be giving everyone a show when you're training. 

From Lululemon
From Wrekdfit
9. Fun socks. They serve a purpose. Really-- you should see my shins. When doing dead lifts, cleans, snatches, box jumps and rope climbs, unfortunately the shins can pay the price. Especially when you are competing for time. Tall socks help protect the shins and can make quite the fashion statement.

10. Entry fees. Racing and competing can be expensive. If you are purchasing gifts for someone-- check to see what races they are interested in doing. The following are my favorites or are on my wish list:
Spartan Race-- Distance and locations vary. 3 to 30ish miles of mud, obstacles and awesome terrain. Some take place in stadiums, some on mountains. This is the most physically challenging of the obstacle course races. They also offer the winter and summer Death Race and the team Death Race. If you are shopping for me-- my eyes are set on the summer Death Race 2015 (a fitting race to celebrate turning 40, right?)
GORUCK-- this is more team challenge. GORUCK offers several distance events all over the country.
Superhero Scramble-- I've heard very good things about this race series and am excited to race my first one in January.
Tough Mudder-- It's not for everyone. But it's a great event that challenges you to face your fears.
Merrell Down & Dirty-- Again, I haven't done one, but have heard good things.
S.E.R.E Performance-- similar to GORUCK, this one is military type training, but involves team competitions. I'll be doing my first in February.
Civilian Military Combine-- I've had my eye on this event for awhile, but they are all too far away. This is CrossFit meets Spartan Race. Definitely on my wish list! 
Local CrossFit Competitions-- I'll just leave it vague. Please give cash! Really... if it has the word "competition" in the title, I want to sign up for it! 

So, hopefully you found something helpful in this post. And if not-- PLEASE, leave a comment...
What is on your wish list?


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