CrossFit Competitions

I have developed this growing passion for CrossFit.
The intensity.
The variety.
The sweat.

It has taken me awhile. My first exposure to CrossFit was not that spectacular. And I'm still not a fan of just doing a WOD (Workout Of the Day) daily (I also follow a strength building program and run). CrossFit is designed to create healthy, fit, all-round athletes. But in order for that to happen, the WOD does need to be programmed so that there is plenty of variety. So, in essence, the randomness needs to be planned for an athlete to progress and develop fully.

 Here is what I LOVE about CrossFit: the competition. I just can't help myself. I have this inner drive to be better. To do better. To beat the me I was yesterday. And if I beat you in the process, awesome.

If you are a member of a box, you will be doing daily WODs. Recording your scores on the white board for all to see-- competing against others at your box. YOU SHOULD KEEP A RECORD OF YOUR OWN SCORES. It's important. (Otherwise, how do you know if you've bested yourself?)
Photo Courtesy of CrossFit CVI
At some point, you may want to enter a competition. I recommend this. Highly. IF you can correctly and safely complete each standard. Where do you start?

  1. Look for a beginner's competition for your first. This is less intimidating, and usually smaller and less expensive than the big ones. These typically offer 2 divisions like other competitions, but are scaled and then scaled again for those who are just not ready for heavy weights. 
  2. Go scaled. The scaled division modifies the WODs and the weights. For example, the RX division might have muscle ups as a standard; Scaled might have push ups instead. Weights for RX might be 95lb cleans; Scaled might be 75lb. 
  3. Bring your coach. Your coach can do for you in competition what she does for you daily. Plus there is the added knowledge that you are not alone and the help in planning strategy. The calming effect can also be huge.
  4. Bring your friends. Nothing beats those shouts of encouragement when you're giving your all and feel like you just might die (I've felt as if I might die in many WODs, but *behold* it's merely an exaggeration of the mind).
  5. Be safe. I feel like I should give a disclaimer-- perhaps this should be number 1. Get a physical every year. CrossFit is "constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity." You need to get cleared by a doctor before beginning any new exercise program. And whether in competition or not, ALWAYS perform the movements with good form. If you truly feel ill, stop working out. Your health is worth more than a few extra reps!
Last weekend I competed in CrossFit CVI's "No Retreat, No Surrender" competition. AND I had the pleasure of watching my son compete in his first competition. He's a little beast. 
**The following contains proud momma bragging, so if you're not interested, I'll say, "See ya next post!"**

So, I was nervous. My teen, competing against grown men. NOT SCALED. He's very strong. I knew he could lift the weight, just not sure how he could hold up in a WOD.  Or 3 of them in one day. (Please note, he is healthy and has been lifting-- age appropriately-- for 4 years, and under the care of a USA weightlifting certified coach. Please do not throw your teen into competition unless they are prepared and will not sacrifice form for ego.)

He had a BLAST. It was hard. I nearly cried multiple times as my heart swelled with pride.
He fought for each rep.
He didn't quit.
He did hard things.

95lb Snatch
Burpees over bar
135lb Clean, Front Squat, Shoulder to Overhead

3rd place and a jug of protein


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