Spartan Up! Book Preview

I do lots of reading. I am, after all, an English teacher. Nonfiction is my genre of choice. I love the stuff of real life. I love reading about real lives... struggles, insight, wisdom shared from people who get out there and live. So, when I was asked to write a post about the new book written by the Joe De Sena, creator of Spartan Race, it was a no brainer.

Spartan already has a free downloadable ebook... a how-to for obstacle racing and training. I expected the upcoming book to be similar, just in hard copy form. However, this isn't the case, and I'm quite excited!

Spartan Up! is more than your average how-to book. More than a "why you should register for a Spartan" commercial. I've written before about how racing and training so mimic life; this book includes a thorough explanation of obstacles that can be found on the Spartan Race course, the inspiration behind them, how they parallel life, and how they can help us overcome the obstacles we face off the course. Spartan Up! is "A take no prisoners guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving peak performance in life." Hear from Joe De Sena himself:

Containing everything from racing and training strategies, life lessons, and advice on developing mental toughness, Spartan Up! should be on your "to read" list. Follow this link to pre-order your own copy for a discount of 20% off the retail price. Use the code SPARTANUP. (Discount expires 4/1/14)

I had the opportunity to ask Joe a few questions, so I asked about the future of Spartan Race-- he didn't reveal specifics but when asked if there are plans to expand by opening racing and training facilities across the U.S., he said that they plan to be in all markets by 2015. I asked about other new and different things coming. He replied, "Books, TV, etc. It's all coming and coming faster than we all imagined!"


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