Nuts 'N More Product Review

I was recently sent some products to sample. "Some products" would be the understatement of the century. Let me rephrase...

I came home the other day to a box containing the most heavenly delicious and mostly nutritious food item I may have ever tasted.
I was not paid or coerced into making that statement. It's completely true.

Nuts 'n More Peanut Butter

I. Love. Peanut Butter. This lovely product, Nuts 'n More Peanut Butter, contains peanuts, flax, whey protein and natural sweetener (xylitol), canola oil and maple extract. That's it. I physically had to restrain myself from eating the whole jar.

My initial reaction was that it is too sweet. But after stirring well, it didn't seem quite as sweet, or I had just gotten used to the taste. The flax is mixed in, so the texture of the peanut butter is smooth and very creamy. I personally think they don't need the canola oil because I can literally pour the product out of the jar-- a little too creamy, plus canola oil = no bueno.

Nuts 'n More Chocolate Peanut Butter

Actually, I'm afraid to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I know how tasty the peanut butter is, I can only imagine how much more delicious the Chocolate version is. Ok. For the good of my 5 faithful blog readers... I'm going in!

Just as I suspected... DELICIOUS! Ingredients: peanuts, flax whey protein, natural sweetener (xylitol), cocoa, natural extract. Again, the ingredients are all natural. After opening and stirring (for quite some time), to distract myself from devouring the entire jar, I spooned some into the pancake batter and made my sons some chocolate peanut butter pancakes. YUM! I actually expected this version to be super sweet, but didn't find it to be so. It's pleasantly sweet, I think the cocoa helps balance the sweetness. Again, the product is quite thin and probably could be poured from the container. (Last night, my husband actually topped his baked sweet potato with it for a twist.)

The Positives:

Taste-- both are really yummy. 
Ingredients-- all natural. Smooth and creamy
Nutrition Facts-- For both PB and Chocolate PB: Calories 188; Fat 12g; Carbs 6g (Fiber 5g); Protein 14g. 

The Not-so-Positives:

I need to preface this by saying, I have a huge problem with sweets. Huge. Both of these products have just enough sweetness to trigger the strong desire in me to binge. While these products are incredibly yummy and mostly nutritious, this is a product that I have to treat as a dessert. Otherwise, I will eat the whole jar. (Yes, I have issues.) 

Bottom Line:

This is a great line of products for people who are looking for a healthy alternative to typical peanut butter and/or Nutella. The fiber and protein added are a great bonus. 

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  1. Why would you disallow a comment that warns about the serious danger of this product to pet dogs? Shame on you.

    1. Joe, this is my blog-- a blog that is focused on training, competing and life in general. I chose to write a product review. I'm not advocating people feed this product to their pets. I'm not sure why someone chose to use my blog as their personal forum to rant against a product. If you have any further comments, feel free to email me.


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