Bananas-- Not a Fan

So sorry to offend my fellow runners, but really, I'm just not a fan of the fruit. Honestly, I think it's one too many that turned brown and were left sitting on the counter.
Seriously, that picture makes me want to barf. I also really don't like banana breath. Don't know what I'm talking about? Next time you see someone eating a banana, venture closer to them. Have a conversation. Close talk. Yucko. Banana breath.

But I'm not here just to pick on bananas (true confession: slice a ripe one, freeze, throw in a food processor with some cocoa, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter and voila! Ice cream.), really I wanted to spend a few minutes explaining why it is NEVER good to eat fruit without adding some fat or protein.

It's really a long story, and I'm just a layman (NOT a dietician or nutritionist), so I will do my best to explain what I've learned through my own personal research and experience...

Eating for optimal health and fitness is not as simple as calories in and calories out. Sure a calorie is just a measure of energy, so if you eat way too many you will gain weight. However, eating too few calories doesn't necessarily mean you will lose weight. Sorry to burst your bubble. You see, your body is a complex machine. One of the factors affecting fat loss or storage is the glycemic index of food.

Foods that have a high glycemic index are quickly digested and cause a spike in blood sugar. When blood sugar rises, the body releases insulin to shuttle the sugar from the blood to the muscles where it's used. When inulin is released, the body stops burning fat and shifts into fat storage mode. (no bueno!) When the blood sugar levels drop, typically we are left feeling hungry.

Foods that have a low glycemic index are more slowly digested and cause a slower, more steady rise in blood sugar. We definitely want to avoid those nasty blood sugar spikes. In fact, new research is beginning to show that eating high glycemic foods can lead to increased risks for Alzheimer's, heart disease and obesity.

So, let me say again, I'm not just picking on bananas (yes, they have some great vitamins and minerals), I want to caution you about eating ALL high glycemic foods. I just think that way too many people believe they are doing an awesome thing for their health by eating a banana... or drinking a glass of orange juice (don't even get me started on juice!).


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