Pre-Workout Review: Driven Pre-Workout Boost

I'm not a person who takes a bazillion supplements. I'm not a juicer, a cleanser, a believer in THE magical supplement. However, as I've gotten older, I've discovered that there are a few key supplements that my body seems to need to perform and recover properly. **I am not a doctor, registered dietician or a rocket scientist (I just thought I'd throw that last one in), I just write about what has worked for me. These are my own opinions.

I currently take a multi-vitamin (brand = whatever is on sale at GNC, which I like to split in a.m. and p.m. doses), fish oil, a mid-day vitamin C and D and Iron, pre-workout that includes Beta-Alanine, and BCAA's after the workout.

Reload Fitness provided me a sample of MRM's Driven Pre-Workout Boost for me to try and review, and I was happy to use it. I really like Driven.

I like the mixed berry flavor. Although, I'm not so sure it tastes like mixed berry-- it's definitely got a fruity flavor. I don't find it overly sweet or artificial tasting, and it doesn't leave a bad aftertaste like some pre-workouts do. Really, the taste reminds me of sweet tarts, which is really good, considering Driven is sweetened with stevia and monk fruit and contains only natural flavors.


Honestly, I'm hesitant to use products that contains caffeine or other stimulants because I'm on thyroid meds (due to a sluggish thyroid), but this product isn't heavy on the caffeine-- it only contains about the equivalent of a large cup of coffee. It doesn't make me feel jittery at all.

I had stopped taking Beta-Alanine and Creatine for a few months and noticed my gains had stalled, so I started taking Driven and happily in the past few weeks I'm back to hitting some PR's-- in my overhead squat, my full snatch and my front squat. 


  1. Awesome post my friend. I don't like that this preworkout is a proprietary blend, but i do like that it has betaine in it. i'd just like to know how much beta-alanine and citrulline are in this since those two ingredients are the most effective. creatine we could go with or without, depends on the dosage too, probably too low to be effective.
    Just my thoughts on the matter, thanks for the review my friend, stay strong :)


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