Inspiration comes in so many different forms. I mean, it's all over the social media feeds-- those nice little quotes with a pretty picture in the background. But I just heard something recently from a few truly inspiring individuals that really made me rethink the overuse of the word:

Something that is inspiring should result in action. If you are truly inspired, then there should be action that results.

This past weekend I attended the Wodapalooza CrossFit Competition and Fitness Festival. I wrote a preview article about the event, which can be found at WODtalk. I also wrote an athlete profile on Steph Hammerman, which might be the most important piece I've ever written. Steph is a woman living with Cerebral Palsy, which affects her brain's ability to communicate with the rest of her body. She not only participates in CrossFit, she also competes. And she not only competes in CrossFit, but she also coaches CrossFit. (Just read the profile on her-- she's a pretty incredible lady!)
Kevin Ogar and Steph Hammerman
Kevin Ogar, also a CrossFit coach, also an adaptive athlete who competes-- a spinal injury at a CrossFit competition just over a year ago led to his paralysis-- partnered with Steph for a motivational and informative talk on adaptive athletes entitled, "Adapt. Inspire. Educate. Compete. The Hammer and Ogar Story."

Steph talked about how getting moving and becoming active has helped her lose weight, become more mobile and increase her quality of life. She shared her passion for helping others find the same benefits of CrossFit that she discovered.

But she had some words for us typical athletes. She told us not to be inspired that she and other adaptive athletes get dressed, brush their teeth and are able to drive themselves to the gym. Those aren't extraordinary things. She wants us to be inspired by how she pushes herself in the gym and what she accomplishes there.

We need to understand that adaptive athletes may have different challenges than typical athletes, but that they can get in there and do work, like the everyone else.


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