Stop Sitting There... Get out There and Do What You Love

I think it's coming with age. I'm starting to care less about what I should do, what I'm supposed to do and caring more about what I want to do.
I love working out with this guy.



Don't get me wrong-- I'm not out there ignoring my responsibilities as Mom and Wife and Teacher. (Except that laundry I just can't seem to keep up with.) There are those things that I have to do. I'm talking about in my free time.

It's been a long year for me of focusing on training for Crossfit competitions. And sometimes it's felt more like real work than fun. I've cut back my running to just around 12 to 15 miles a week-- all in shorter 3 to 4 mile outings, which was fine for awhile. But after a bummer of a recent competition, I'm scratching my head, thinking, What now... More Crossfit? Obstacle Course Racing? Marathon?

And I think my answer is... yes. I'm just going to do WHATEVER I want to do for awhile. Right now I want to run long. And I don't care how it impacts my strength training. I don't care if I'm too tired from running to get a heavy lift in. I WILL RUN LONG IF I WANT TO! Right now it makes me happy to do some long miles on the weekend. And it makes me happy to do some heavy lifts through the week.

And here's what I want to say to you:

STOP DOING WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO DO to lose weight/get in shape/lower your cholesterol/fit into those jeans/etc.

Here's what I'm not saying to you:

GO CHOOSE THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE and sit on the couch watching marathons of The Real Housewives/Law & Order/Dancing with the Stars/Top Chef/etc.

Too often I see friends wanting to get healthier and so they completely overhaul their lives-- new diet, new fitness regime-- and they're trying to shove their star-shaped self into a square hole. You have passions. Figure out what they are and do them. (I can guarantee that you weren't created to sit on the couch with the Real Housewives.)

You want to be healthier? Move more. Go to Crossfit, or water aerobics, or Zumba, or Jazzercise, or the monkey bars on a local playground. Find the way your body enjoys moving and do more of that!

For Pete's sake! Life is too short to do what you hate.
My first "spontaneous" race. I see more of these in my future.


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