Do You Have What it Takes?

Something really bothers me... (well, several things, but we'll start here)

I often encounter people in real life who see my posts on social media and say things to me like...

"I can't believe you _____ (fill in the blank with an obstacle course race, CrossFit competition, etc)! I could never do something like that."

That last line. That's what really bothers me. Because it implies that I am special and the speaker is not. That I am stronger, more athletic, more... I'm not sure what. But the truth?

I'm nobody special. I know people who do things a lot more extreme and awesome than I do. People who overcome more real life obstacles than I will ever know. Doing an obstacle course race? It just takes a little training and a whole lot of bravery.

So... do you have what it takes to do a Spartan Race?
You should:

  1. Be able to run. There's a plethora of free running plans available online. I recommend following a plan that will have you run about the distance you are racing. 5k plan for a Sprint. 10k or half marathon plan for a Super. Half marathon or marathon plan for a Beast. Marathon plan for the Ultra Beast.
  2. Do some strength training. Carry heavy stuff (sand bags, logs, big rocks, dumbbells, etc.). Do pull ups, burpees, lunges, planks, deadlifts, burpees, sit ups and squats. And did I mention burpees?
  3. Have courage. This might be most important. You just need to click the registration button and make the decision to sign up. Yes, it's scary. Yes, you might fail some of the obstacles. Yes, you will finish behind lots of people. Yes, you will have more fun than you thought. Yes, you will conquer your fears. Yes, you will be more fit after completing the race. Yes, you will wonder what took you so long to do a Spartan Race.
Really. Everyone can do a Spartan Race. 

You really do have what it takes.

And you really should register for one.

To further convince you: use MEMORIAL through Friday, May 29, 2015 to save up to $40 off any Spartan Race.

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