The Struggle is Real

Sometimes my workouts look like this:
(Can't you just feel the adrenaline oozing off the page and through the screen?)

And other times they look like this:

(Oh! The humanity! The calamity! I was too beat to even consider clean & jerks on that day.)

I've been is a slump lately. A conversation with my husband just about sums it up:

Me: I don't want to work out. I feel huge. I think I'm going to take a break from heavy lifting and just go back to running for awhile. I'm getting too big.

Husband: You're just emotional right now because of that time of the month. (fyi: he never makes those types of comments-- so it's been THAT bad)

Me: Well that and... eating my body weight in cake this past weekend probably didn't help.

Husband: You did what?! You ate all the cake?

Me: Well, I didn't eat the whole cake. (And I didn't. I just ate way more garbage food than I typically eat... in a whole entire month... all crammed into 2 days.)

Husband: You can't blame the weights, then. (True. True.)

It's vicious, people. A little hiccup in the hormones led to a little ch-eating led to a downward dip of emotion led to a lot of ch-eating led to more hormone freakishness led to feeling like a slug led to wanting to live like a slug.

Watch a motivational video, you suggest. No, I say.
Get a new playlist, you recommend. Already did, I retort.
Take a rest day. Check.
Get more sleep. Done.
Change up your workout. Maybe.
Drink plenty of water. Already floating.
Do a cleanse. Actually was considering that. (Yet more evidence to suggest it is THAT bad.)

Sometimes All the time, the only way out is through. There's no easy way out of the slump. You just have to move through it. And that's what I'm doing. I'm just doing what I do. 4 out of 4 of my lifting days this week I did not want to train. Actually, the first 2 days of the week I decided to not touch the barbell and just do the LA Fitness workout (a circuit of machines). But thankfully I've made this training thing a habit, and I've got out my training journal, written down the day's program and followed it.

But the biggest factor has been getting the eating back on track. Never underestimate the importance of eating clean.


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