Boston 2013

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." 
-Edmund Burke

I had begun working on another post, but my mind keeps only returning to the evil act that took place yesterday at the Boston Marathon finish line. 

My heart is broken.

For the families of those who were murdered.

For the injured who had come to cheer the runner's courage and dedication.

For the runners whose race put their loved ones in harm's way.

For the bystanders who ran towards the blast to give first aid to horrifying injuries.

For the runners who were pulled off the course and weren't allowed to finish. 

For friends and families of runners everywhere who now aren't just worried about runners hurting their knees or stressing their hearts.

For the good people everywhere to whom bad things happen, not just in this bombing at Boston.

My heart is broken.

For the parents whose kids have been diagnosed with horrendous illnesses.

For the kids whose innocence is shattered by evil acts of abusive adults.

For the world.

This past weekend, my pastor, Bob Coy at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale used the very same quote at the beginning of this post in his sermon. He talked about how evil happens in this world... it's a horrible side effect of the free will that God gives all humans. If God stopped it, He would be essentially stopping our freedom to choose. Our responsibility then, is to love others. To give hope. To remind the hurting that our lives are just vapor in the whole scheme of eternity and when death ends our short journey here, paradise awaits where there is no more crying or pain or evil. To point others toward a God who is love. 

I want now, more than ever, to qualify for and run in the Boston Marathon.


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