Happy Festivus!

On Saturday, April 13th, I stepped into CrossFit Country in Orlando and into an unfamiliar competition. I entered the Festivus Games, a nationwide CrossFit competition for novice and intermediate athletes. Because I had so much fun completing the CrossFit Open WODs, and I absolutely LOVE competing, I felt that entering a CrossFit competition would be the next logical move. 

Having done numerous 5ks, half marathons and OCRs, I didn't think this competition would be any big deal. I was a little wrong. My nerves were through the roof-- I was so nervous that I completely would've forgotten my morning coffee if my husband hadn't been there! 
The whole family made the trip up to Orlando and stayed for the entire competition. Yeah, Family! It was my husband's coaching and my sons' cheering that spurred me to perform as well as I did. 
CrossFit Country's facility is amazing! And quite large. The Festivus WODs were well organized, and there were plenty of helpful and encouraging volunteers. 

I entered the intermediate division and completed the following:
WOD 1: 
10 min AMRAP 
21, 15, 9 Calories rowed, Thrusters @ 65lbs, burpees (score 10:02-- 2 burpees shy of completing workout; took 2nd place) 
WOD 2: 

12 mins to get 3 rep max (in 45 seconds), floor to overhead (score 125-- new max; 6th place) 
WOD 3: 
Sprints in 1 minute increments-- 1 sprint and rest in 1 min. Then 2 sprints and rests in 1 min, etc. (score: 1st place 17.16) 

I was thrilled to find out that I placed 3rd! And even more excited that it meant a small payout. 

Lessons learned:
1. CrossFit is extremely fun!
2. I am a better CrossFitter than a runner. 
3. I would really like to be part of a CrossFit box/family.
**If you are looking for a good first competition event, the Festivus Games is a great one!
Photo Credit: Brandon Chestnut, http://www.Bchestnutphotos.com/
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