What You Need to Lose Weight

Soapbox time, Kids.

My feeds are full of lots of really well-meaning people (I hope) encouraging people on their roads to fitness or their weight-loss journeys. They post all kinds of inspiring, motivational quotes-- like this:

And that's awesome. I'm all for encouraging fitness. However, sometimes those motivating quotes come with encouragements to try this amazing product that will give you all the energy and nutrients you need to lose weight and feel great.

Here's where I'll split the post.

Read here if you are working to lose weight and get fit...
Everything you need to lose weight, become stronger, feel better and have more energy is within yourself. Truly. YOU have the power to change your life. YOU just have to want to lose weight, build fitness and feel better MORE than you want to be comfortable.

It is hard. You have to change. THERE ARE NO 30 DAY CHALLENGES, NO PRODUCTS YOU CAN PURCHASE, NO SHORTCUTS that will do the work of change for you. There are tons of temporary fixes. The truth is that all of those products, all of the shortcuts will end at some point, and you will be left with yourself.

Save the money you would spend on supplements or fitness companies. Invest in yourself. If you must spend money, join a quality CrossFit box (here's how) or hire a quality certified personal trainer who will help you structure and reach goals that are specific to your needs.

Read here if you are working to sell coach people using products...
I understand that you have found the perfect way to earn money while helping people find their fitness. You're passionate about seeing people discover a way to look and feel better. I may be too skeptical and cynical, but honestly... I'm feeling used. Am I a friend/acquaintance? Or a potential customer? Is it about you making money off our vulnerability and lack of knowledge about how to get healthy, or are you really, genuinely concerned about our living longer, healthier and happier? Honestly, some of you feel like dealers.

Maybe that was harsh. But I had to say it. (It's my blog, after all.)

I am so very grateful that some of you really want to see people become healthy. And, frankly, you're probably the ones who are reading this. So, what's my point for you? Maybe I'm just venting a little. I'm super passionate about helping people become healthy and fit. Heck, I even looked into becoming a "Coach" for one of those companies. But it seemed that everyone I asked about it, only wanted to have  a personal conversation (aka sales pitch) with me. And I've heard too many stories about people who ask a question about nutrition or exercise and then get bombarded, not with help, but with a sales pitch for products that they "need to try" because they're so "life-changing."

Maybe I just want you to look at your "why."

Stepping off soapbox now.


  1. I am so glad a friend shared this with me. I am a family first mom of two girls, former middle school math teacher of 12 yrs, CrossFit athlete, runner, obstacle racer, and up for anything else. I just want to say GREAT blog, but I do feel as though it is a "vent" and absolutely your right to do so. I am actually one of the motivating/fitness minded/want to help people/"coaches" that you speak of, but like I said, I am also a CrossFit athlete. I love the community CrossFit offers clients and that is what I try to provide for my clients... a community of support (although virtual). I agree that there is no quick fix, but there are many tools that one can use to be successful and reach his/her goals. CrossFit is just one platform (a very good one), but is not a one size fits all kind of deal. Many do not live near a box, others might not be able to afford it (I know, where there is a will there is a way... we cut cable and traded in a sweet truck for a little commuter civic when we started almost two yrs ago), and for some it is intimidating to start there. I have access to tools that can help anyone at any level in every location (US and Canada and beyond). I do get what you are saying, but I also think that many of us, "coaches" have our hearts in the right place and just want to help friends and family in our social network be a better/happier/fitter/healthier version of themselves. I also would like to add that a lot of new coaches get soooooo dang excited about sharing what they have found to help them and family and friends... I myself posted several posts that I am not so proud of... the BLASTS are embarrassing! OOPS! Also, I don't feel guilty for helping others while providing for my family, as I am sure CrossFit owners/coaches don't either. Fyi: my hubby is a CrossFit coach and our gym is a "coach" with me too :) We all see the value of lifting others up, empowering people, and realizing there are many pieces of the puzzle that need to come together to help people achieve their goals and overall wellness. Perhaps your view is tainted, not by people intentionally trying to be salesy, but by some that just might not understand how they come across in black an white (or a carefully created graphic LOL!) From one "super passionate" coach to another... It's people like you that can change the the lives of so many... keep fighting the good fight! :)

    1. Hey, Karri-- thanks for your comments. It sounds like you are NOT one of those people I'm ranting about. I've written before about how much I love P90x (don't have experience with many other at home programs)-- for a time, it was my workout routine. You make a great point-- there are good and bad coaches everywhere... in CrossFit, Beachbody, typical gyms, etc.

      And I won't judge your typos if you don't judge my math! lol

  2. oh, please don't mind all the typos!!!... I said I was a former MATH teacher, right?! ;)


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