The 200th Post. WTM Training Weeks 4 and 5

Here it is! My 200th post. I feel like it should be epic. Full of amazing insight, deep thoughts, profound statements... 

I've got nothing. So, I'll just post my training update. 

Weeks 4 and 5 (17 weeks out):

The name of the game is going long. I’m entering completely uncharted territory for me. The only thing I’m going to be in control of on race day is how ready my body is to handle 24 hours of nonstop movement. Having never done anything like it before, I’m kinda just following my gut. I’m continuing to build mileage, working on a marathon training program, but also trying to be smart about it.

I have this bad habit of getting too enthusiastic about adding mileage, too type A about my training plans that I throw caution to the wind, ignore what my body is screaming at me and complete each run as prescribed. Not this time. I can’t afford an injury, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc. If I stick to my plan, I will be ready to run a marathon about 2 months before WTM. Then what?

Instead of following my plan, I’m following my body. Two weeks ago I couldn’t complete my scheduled 14 miler. It was an evening run, something I never do. I went out too fast and probably wasn’t drinking enough water. It was not a failure. I learned A LOT.

Last week instead of moving on according to schedule, I did that 14 mile run. This week, instead of moving up in mileage, I did another 14. The plan is to be comfortable during long distances. I have some weeks to spare, so instead of pushing ahead in the distance, I’m going to camp at each longer distance so that I enjoy the long run and am not constantly getting beat up by the mileage.

I’m also working toward just increasing time on my feet and time doing work. So, after my midweek, middle distance (8 mile) run, I threw my ruck on, packed with a 25 lb plate and walked for an additional 20 minutes. After my workout Wednesday, I sat on the rower and did intervals of rowing and push-ups, while waiting to pick up my son from football practice.

I’m finding more of a rhythm now, mixing longer endurance sessions with strength and shorter CrossFit sessions.

Monday—bench press, cleans and accessory work
Tuesday—speed work run; box squats and accessory work
Wednesday—swim and a series of CrossFit WODs
Thursday—Middle distance run (6 to 8 miles, easy); yoga and stretching
Friday—strict overhead press, dead lifts and accessory work
Saturday—rest day or CrossFit WODs
Sunday—Long run

Hill work
Time spent swimming
Weighted rucking


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