The Little Things

Today on my long run, I saw THE BEST thing I've EVER seen on a run. Mind you, I don't say this lightly. Since I began running 8 years ago, I've logged approximately 6,000 miles (I'm guestimating an average of 15 miles a week and rounding down).  I wish I had taken a picture.

It was an insulated lunch bag with a sign on it that said, "Mom runs this town."*

I almost cried-- picturing some teenager proudly making a mid-run treat for Mom and placing it at the perfect spot along the run. Thinking about how Mom would find it and be delighted. Her energy would surge, the treats refresh, and she would finish the run stronger than she began. *sniff

*In my Google search to find a comparable image, I discovered that Moms Run this Town is actually the name of a free women's running group with chapters around the US and Canada. And there's one here locally. Is it wrong that I feel cheated that this love placed along the path was more likely for the women's running group and not dotingly prepared by a child?

Today on my long run, I also saw a little bunny. Actually, it was a trifecta of my favorite critters-- a bunny, a cardinal, and a blue jay, all in the same vicinity.

And then there were the cheerful runners. They seemed to be everywhere today. All big smiles, waves and cheerful hellos.

And then I had my special "I've reached a new high milage milestone" treat-- it tasted like Christmas!
The little thing I've been enjoying lately

And then I saw a former student, a cross country runner, out for his morning run.

And then I found a ring. Really. It's kind of one of those cheap little things that was probably $7.99 at Icing, but I picked it up and wore it home anyway.

Maybe I was delirious from too much sun and not enough fuel. I don't care. I had fun. And it was all because of the little things.

Are you enjoying the little things? Or are you too focused in on the task at hand to even notice the little things? If you're not enjoying the little things, well, then what are you waiting for?


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