The Mind of the Long Run

The following thoughts may or may not have actually happened during a long run.

Oh, my gosh. I think I might not make it. My legs are tired. Why do they feel so heavy? Is that a blister? I think that's definitely a blister. 
Mile 1
What a glorious day! I'm so happy to be running. So happy to be alive. Hello, fellow runner! 
Mile 2
I love this song. I love this route. This is going to be a great run. Oh! Look at that bird. And there's a squirrel. This song. THIS is a great song. 
Mile 3
Is it time to fuel up yet? I'm pretty sure I need some calories. Nope. Not yet. How 'bout now? Still no. Uh. Maybe I need a drink. Ok. That's better. No. Not really. How far have I run? How far to go. Oh no. Time for some fuel? 10 minutes. Just 10 more minutes. 
Mile 4
Oh. My. Goodness. This Honey Stinger Waffle tastes like heaven! Where have these been all my life? I will run through 20 miles of fire to eat one of these! How do they get them to taste so good? 
Mile 5
I ate at just the right time. I can feel the energy. This is a great run! I love this route. Oh, hi, Mr. Bicycle Guy! This is a perfect run. I love running! I could run all day.
Mile 6-7
I hate this song. I hate this song too. Why do I have all these crappy songs on my playlist? Is that a blister? I think that's a blister. What are you looking at, Mr. Bicycle Guy? Just keep riding. Why do cyclists always look grumpy? Must be that tiny seat. Dude, I would totally trade you right now.  You run, I'll take that bike. Oh, Lord! Is that a grasshopper? That's totally a grasshopper. The largest one in the history of grasshoppers. Leaf. Just a leaf.  
Mile 8-9
Food! Must. have. food. Why must fuel for runs all be ooey gooey gels? Cheeseburger. Now that's what I need right about now. I guess that might be a little hard to carry. Pizza. That would be much better. Didn't Dean Karnazes once order a pizza and eat it in the middle of a very long run? He runs all night. I guess if I ran all night long, I could eat a whole pizza, too. Did he stop and eat it? Did he carry it? It must have been thin crust. Probably cheese. Although veggies and meat would be good fuel for a long run. Maybe I'll do my next long run at night. Would a piece of pizza fit in my Camelback pocket? 
Mile 10.
Wow! I can't believe I've run this far. Most of my run is done! I'll be home soon. Oh, wow! Look at that giant iguana by that tree. Maybe it will sit still, and I can get a picture. No one's going to believe the size of that thing. Uh. Ok. Log. It's a log. But it totally looked like an iguana from back there. Oh! I love this song. So peppy. It's the perfect run song. I should listen to it again. Oh, but this song is so good, too! What a great playlist. Hello, fellow runner! Sorry about all the sweat. How do other runners manage to smell like they just stepped out of a shower during their runs? Is there some kind of secret super power deodorant I don't know about? I'm pretty sure I don't smell that fresh after a shower. ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. Must just keep moving forward. I can make it. I can finish this. If I walk now, it's going to take FOREVER to get home. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Shuffle. Shuffle. Count steps. Didn't that one guy on that one podcast say that counting could put you in a Zen mode or something. 1-2-3-4... I hate this song. Hate this song, too. Ouch! Stupid horsefly. Water. Yes, that will help. 1-2-3-4. Stoplight. Oh, thank you, Jesus. Almost home.


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