The Longer I Go...

Most likely this is my last post before World's Toughest Mudder.

The physical training is complete.
The mental training continues.

I recently wrote an article for WOD Talk on mental training, based on an interview with Jim Afremow. I'm also reading his book The Champion's Mind. It's such a tricky thing, the mind. No training in the world can overcome a mind that says, "I can't."

I need to create some very tangible strategies for overcoming the black hole my mind is going to be sinking in...

Proper Nutrition-- every time I've hit the wall in long events, it's been because I haven't eaten enough calories. I currently have quart sized zip top bags labeled by pit stop number, lap, and goal time. Each bag will contain something that I have to carry with me for the next 5-mile lap and something I have to eat. I can't leave it entirely to feel because I know that come 3 am, my zombie brain will not feel like eating anything. I also recently wrote an article on nutrition and hydration.

Adequate Hydration-- this is where it gets tricky. I will be carrying a Camelback so that I can drink while out on the course. I do have a tendency to not get enough electrolytes, so I'm bringing some packets to drink during my pit time. I'll also be taking a bag of sweet potato chips, smoked almonds, and maybe even pickles (pickle juice is supposed to be a miracle cure for cramps).

My support.
The Mantra-- one of my favorite mantras (magical phrases designed to energize and refocus) is, "The longer I go, the stronger I get." I found this gives me a mental boost and so far, I've been able to believe those words as I say them during long training sessions.

People-- I will be using the love and support of friends, family and my team to get me through those cold, dark morning hours. I've received so many encouraging messages and posts via social media and text. Please keep them coming! I will keep moving forward because I know you will all want to know how my race went.

Prayer-- of course I'm saving the most important for last. I will be praying often and loudly on the course-- you know, that most powerful prayer, "Jesus, help me!" Along with those snacks per lap, I will be packing Bible verses that bring me encouragement, like my current favorite: "It is God who arms with with strength and keeps my way secure." Psalm 18: 32.
I love these crazies.


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