My 2014

Well, it’s that time. And just so we’re clear… I don’t write anything in this blog to brag or to try to prove that I’m tough. Honestly, most of the time I’m genuinely surprised at the things I’m able to do. Someone just said to me recently, “I can’t believe all those things you are doing.” And I replied truthfully, “I can’t believe all those things I’m doing.”

I just work hard. Anything I do… anything I’ve done… you can do it, too. Maybe not right at this moment. When I first started, I couldn’t do what I do now. It’s been a journey. There have been long hard days. Days when I didn’t want to run or lift or eat clean. But you just have to do what you know is good for your body… good for your health. It’s not about being super fit or having 6-pack abs. It’s about having a long life and being able to enjoy it.

Here is a look back at my 2014…

Super Hero Scramblemy first event of the year. I’d heard so many positive things when the race series began, but this was the first race that worked with my schedule. While I had a great race, unfortunately the organizers didn’t. And Super Hero Scramble is no longer producing races.

Lesson learned: Carrying water on a long course in the South Florida heat (even in January) is a very wise thing.

S.E.R.E. UrbanChallengea Special Forces inspired event. They are NOT GORUCK. They aren’t trying to be GORUCK. I really loved this event. It was part scavenger hunt, part education, part PT (physical training). S.E.R.E. has shifted its focus to custom events.

Lesson learned: having a great team is EVERYthing. And it’s really fun (and only slightly painful) to ride in a shopping cart.

CrossFit Openan event that every CrossFitter should do. It’s a chance to compete in a CrossFit event in a no pressure situation. Choose your day and time and environment—just have your score verified by a CrossFit coach or video and submit. It’s simple, but it’s not easy.

Lesson learned: I really do love the dead lift/box jump combo. And I really do not love toes to bar.

CVI No Retreat, NoSurrendermy son’s first CrossFit competition. He competed in the men’s division and did an excellent job of holding his own. He was nervous, but not scared. I am so proud at his bravery competing for the first time against grown men.

Lesson learned: Read the fine print. Originally, I signed my husband and I up for this event, failing to realize this was a first timer/scaled competition. My husband was over-qualified.

Florida Open—my first Rx competition. The first workout was the last workout in the CrossFit Open, and then 3 others followed over the 2 days. This proved to be a wake-up call for me—I had not expected just how tough Rx would be.

Lesson learned: Dave Castro is an evil mastermind. And I hate burpees and thrusters. Especially when combined in one WOD.

Florida Super Spartanthe 4th time the Spartan was held in Miami and my 4th time racing it. This year I wasn’t really sure I even wanted to race because last year’s race had been rough (I went alone, didn’t meet up with anyone there and despite my nutrition and hydration strategy, I found myself cramping terribly again.) This year was much better—I saw friends before the race, out on the course and connected again at the finish. I finally broke into the top 10 (thank you, Sunday start), and didn’t deal with the crippling cramps.

Lesson learned: Don’t take yourself too seriously, always take water, and a high fat/low carb diet can work during races.

In the middle months of the year, I completely shifted my focus from training for running and obstacle course races to CrossFit competitions. Tapering and racing means missed workouts and lighter lifts, and that just wasn’t a sacrifice I was willing to make. So, I lifted heavy and shifted from distance running to shorter more intense runs.

We also traveled nearly every weekend of the summer for my son’s baseball tournaments and took a much-needed family vacation.

Lesson learned: Pick your priorities.

Miami Terminatorthis new local event was surprisingly impressive. They had a variety of obstacles, plenty of volunteers and a great course.

Lesson learned: give the smaller races a chance.

Goliath Gauntletmy favorite race of the year. Not only because it’s also the first race I’ve won, but also because of the awesome organization behind the event. It was also race 1 in my birthday race weekend.

Lesson learned: find a spot on the course where you can encourage and cheer on other racers.

 Flannagin’s Rockin Ribs 10kand the best post race food! I may just have to do this race next year—we got some amazing swag with free ribs at the finish line. And it was a really great way to enter my 40th year of life.

Lesson learned: always do something special on your birthday! And wearing a tutu and tiara during a race isn’t even that annoying.

Happy New Year!
GORUCK All Women’sChallenge and Lightwith 1000 lb. club weight lifting test. The Goliath Gauntlet may have been my favorite race, but this was my favorite event. I went with my amazingly tough friend, Cindy, and while we weren’t on the same team for the duration of the event, it was good to know that she was out there suffering with me. And would be enjoying breakfast with me between the challenge and the lift. I met so many tough ladies over the course of about 18 hours. It was a completely unforgettable experience—and I’m already registered for next year’s event.

Lesson learned: if it scares or intimidates you, then you must push forward into it.

Beast Mode Battlea team CrossFit competition and my first with my husband. It was a brutally exhausting hour of competing, with 4 separate workouts.

Lesson learned: the best experiences, the best lessons are learned when stepping outside your comfort zone. 


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