Sometimes You Need to Wear a Tutu

I got a little uncomfortable today. Ok, really uncomfortable. You see, I'm more of a mud, dirt and sweat kinda girl than a high heels, pink and fancy kind of girl.

But I've learned that the only way to grow, the best way to get better is to step outside the comfort zone. And that pretty much translates to all areas of life. Some time ago, I made an offhand comment to my mom about wearing a tutu while running my birthday race. I didn't really do anything to actually follow through on that plan. But then my birthday box showed up at my door earlier this week. My mom sent me a tutu she made-- actually sewed-- for me, with a tiara and a princess wand.

And I showed up for my 10k like this:
Running in a tutu can be a little distracting. I was so worried about getting my tiara, my tutu and my "I'm 40 button..." that I forgot my iPod. But I survived the race just fine. And I think I smiled more during this race than any other.


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