15.1 and 15.1a: The 2015 Crossfit Open Begins

It's Open season. CrossFit Open season, that is.

5 weeks.
1 workout (WOD) per week.
Scores entered, validated and tabulated into a giant leaderboard.

I've been waiting a year for this. It's been the focus of my training. No room for "I don't feel like working out." Every single day this Open has been on my mind. Obsess much?

Well, I tend to be lazy. A real slacker. I need that proverbial carrot to keep my training focused and my progress moving forward. For the last year, advancing to the next level (regionals) in the CrossFit Open as a masters athlete has been my carrot. And it's worked. I've trained harder than ever. Begun visiting a chiropractor. Completely shifted the way I eat. Slept more and sacrificed more. And now, here it is. Open season.

Here I go again. Doubting. Did I do enough? Am I strong enough? Fast enough? Mentally tough enough? Am I enough?

I'm out of time. It's test time.

The workouts are announced each Thursday night at 8 pm Eastern on The CrossFit Games website, followed immediately by two of the best athletes going head to head. I'm not sure what to compare it to... maybe the home opener of your favorite team, 5 weeks in a row. Or the playoffs. But the real excitement comes with the thrill of watching two top athletes perform the workout that you will be tackling in a few hours or days.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
15 toes-to-bar
10 deadlifts (115 lbs. men/ 75 lbs. women)
5 snatches (115 lbs. men/ 75 lbs. women)

1-rep-max clean and jerk. 6 minute time cap

I was excited about this. I'm used to longer workouts and doing heavy lifts when I'm a little fatigued. My only concern-- toes to bar. Thankfully, we've recently been working on a 4 week progression for hand stand walks, which has included lots of core work, including toes-to-bar. I was also concerned about my grip, but not too worried.

I completed the workout on Saturday. I had just spent 3 days on a retreat with teenagers, during which I climbed a nearly 60 foot rock wall-- that was quite the forearm and grip workout, but I didn't feel sore.

My score:
15.1: 127 reps
15.1a: 145 lbs.

I didn't like my placing. I felt I could get a few more reps on 15.1. However, 145 lbs. was a new 1 RM for me. I wasn't sure that sore and fatigued forearms could successfully repeat 145 lbs. I'm not sure if it was the fatigue or the doubt that resulted in my score--

The re-do:
15.1: 137 reps
15.1a: 135 lbs.

No, I wasn't allowed to mix and match scores. After watching the leaderboard, I noted that the heavier clean and jerk weight would result in a higher ranking. So, I stuck with the original score. Wasted effort on the second try? Not really. I learned that doing a met-con a second time will result in increased reps. It's a mental boost, really, that will carry me into the upcoming weeks.

Read about 15.2.


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