15.4 or "No Rep City"

CrossFit Open 2015. Week 4.

The Workout...

HSPU = hand stand push ups
"No Rep" = the exercise wasn't performed according to standards and can't be counted

I scored 11. Now, even if you don't CrossFit, you can look at the above workout... shoot, you can think about any workout and be greatly underwhelmed at my score. I did 11 reps.

And I'm satisfied with that score. I can't say I'm happy. But I'm satisfied. This time last year, I couldn't do handstand push ups. At all. So to do 8 in one workout with pretty strict standards... I'll take it.

The Back Story...

After months of working, back in June I successfully completely my first kipping HSPU. That means instead of only using my shoulders to muscle myself off the ground, I had figured out how to use power from my hips to drive my body up. Much easier!

At some point in the following months, I tweaked something in my neck and irritated it again a few months later. Then in December I began seeing a chiropractor and decided it was probably best that I not rest the full weight of my body on my head while practicing HSPU. You know, something about slamming full body weight onto the top of one's head is probably not great for the spine and neck.

I haven't done a kipping HSPU since December. Imagine my thrill when they were announced in this week's workout.

The workout announcement came Thursday. On Friday, I practiced my HSPU for Sunday's workout. I struggled. I panicked. I struggled even more. I did one. Then was so gassed, I couldn't get another one. Somewhere around 50 attempts total, and I had done 1. Yikes.

My Workout...
I knew I was going to need some extra moral support to be successful at this workout, so I went to CrossFit CVI for some coaching and judging from Edwin Morales. He spent an hour working with me last week during the muscle up fiasco, and seems just as determined to see me get my first muscle up as I am.

I warmed up, set up my station and waited for "GO." I promptly was "no repped" on 3 consecutive HSPUs. Ok. False start.

On "GO," it seemed to take an eternity for me to get the first 3 reps to move on to my cleans. As a matter of fact, after multiple "no reps," I thought I might be entering a score of 1. The cleans felt heavier than normal. But I wasn't anxious to get back to the HSPU. For every good rep, I got at least 1 "no rep" and often multiple "no reps."

I'm not mad or upset about the "no reps." I know that I did my best. I just clearly haven't included enough HSPU in my training. My biggest problem is pushing myself up and out away from the wall. These are definitely getting added to my "To Conquer" list. Again.


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