Planning to Fail?

And suddenly, we’re staring down the beginning of another year. How did this happen so soon? I was just sitting here writing about all my goals and dreams for 2015, and now… it’s over.

I’ve written before about how I detest New Year’s Resolutions (NYR). To me, they fall into the same categories of the “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” pledges. But then again, I guess at least a person is attempting to change. So, that’s not all bad. 

One of my favorite everyday kind of quotes:

Whether you are a Resolutioner or a One Worder, you need to have a plan for success in the betterment of yourself. I suggest you really sit down and think about your life in the past year. What went well? What didn’t? Any epic fails? And more importantly, consider why? As I think back on my year, here are some potential reasons I failed in certain areas:

Certainty—I can see where I wasn’t 100% sure that I really wanted what I was going after. I let doubts creep in. Could I really achieve it? Did I really want to achieve it? I know that may sound strange, but sometimes, we’ve been working so long at getting that thing, conquering that obstacle, that the fight becomes better than the achievement. Once you reach that goal—what’s left. There can be a natural let down. I see this in racing—a person spends months training for a particular event. Then when it’s over, we’re struck with post race blues—there’s no longer something we’re looking forward to, training for, targeting. We feel a little lost.

Commitment—After becoming certain of what you want, there has to be a 100% commitment to achieving it because life offers way too many distractions. Enlist friends, who will provide support and accountability, to help you stay committed. But choose your support crew wisely—they need to be able to stay in for the long haul with you. They need to be able to provide “tough” love (which is real love) to help you stay motivated.

Sacrifice—Herein lies the challenge. How bad do you want it? The problem for most of us is that we want it all. And we pout like a 2-year-old because we can’t get it. There are only 24 hours in a day. If you want to sit and watch a Top Chef marathon, then you’re not going to be able to put in the miles for a real marathon (unless you have a treadmill, I guess). Do you want to finally hit that fat loss goal or do you really want your pizza and beer? 

You don’t have to completely overhaul your life to make some healthy changes. As a matter of fact, I think the reason for so many NYR crashes and burns is because people try to change too much all at once. I like baby steps for long term change. Whatever you decide to do in the next year…

1. Be certain.
2. Make a commitment.

3. Sacrifice the less important.


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