Bucket Lists and Morbid Things

Because I like to do hard things, I'm in the middle of a 31 days of blog writing challenge. Supposedly, this challenge is on one topic: "Fitter at Forty" for me. But I'm just rebellious enough to say that if I'm writing for THIRTY-ONE days IN A ROW, I will choose my own topic, thank you very much. (That was a bit of a disclaimer for my fellow 31 dayers who might be offended that my blogs mostly haven't been about being or becoming "Fitter at Forty." They also seem to ramble.)

I turn FORTY exactly one week from today. So, I thought maybe I'd sit and write down a list of things I'd like to do before I die. (Not that approaching 40 feels like my life is nearly over.)

At first, the bucket list seems pretty morbid. It says, "Death is coming. Before it hits, I need to get busy doing these things." Or maybe it says, "I've not done anything very interesting in my life. Here is a list of things that will never happen, but I wish would." Hopefully, that's not is at all. Ideally, your bucket list causes you to reflect on all you've done in your life and inspires you to do a little dreaming and goal setting.

Amy's Bucket List:
  1. Write a book
  2. Have my book published
  3. See the Northern lights
  4. Visit Alaska
  5. And the Grand Canyon
  6. And San Fransisco
  7. And Boston
  8. And Seattle
  9. And NYC
  10. And Hawaii
  11. Visit my Canadian friend (love you, T.)
  12. Tour Australia
  13. And Israel
  14. Backpack in Europe
  15. Go on a safari
  16. And a mission trip to Africa or India
  17. Learn how to surf
  18. Swim with sharks
  19. Learn a new language
  20. Get a tattoo
(I think I could keep going on. I see that most of my items involve travel... so, I'd better get busy!)

What's on your bucket list? 


  1. This year, I checked two things off my bucket list: visit the Grand Canyon (it was A-Maz-Ing!!!) and watch the University of Kentucky live at the Final Four. I'd also like to write a book, visit NYC, and learn a new language. I enjoyed reading about your bucket list... and hey, it's your blog. The fact that any of us are still standing after writing for 20 days straight is an accomplishment in and of itself!!!

  2. Love this. And I must disagree....I don't think a "bucket list" is morbid...I think it serves as a motivation to truly live life. Good luck with your list...I know that there have been some #write31days posts regarding getting published so if you look into those they might help you cross one or two things off your list! Happy early birthday!

  3. I turned 40 earlier this year (it's been really good, so far!) and any time I've sat down to come up with a bucket list for myself, I've ended up with a zillion travel destinations, too! Here's hoping we both make it everywhere we'd like to go!


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