Fitter at Forty: 31 Days of Blogging

Because I need one more thing on my plate...

I joined this crazy 31 Days Challenge.

31 Days of blogging daily during the month of October.

I'm doing this because I turn 40 this month. And to say I have mixed feelings about it would be the understatement of the century. On the one hand, I feel great. I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been before. I feel secure about who I am and what I'm doing. So, 40 is a huge thing to celebrate! On the other hand, I have two teens in high school. And I have these deep moments of nostalgia where I can't believe my babies are nearly grown, and I realize that those baby days are getting farther and foggier.

So, 31 days of reflections on being Fitter at Forty: a little bit CrossFit, Obstacle Course Racing and Training, Nutrition and Aging.

Here we go.

Day 2. Who I am.
Day 3: When I Hate Training
Day 4: Body Image
Day 5: That Time I Called My Husband in the Middle of a Marathon
Day 6: Goooooaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll!
Day 7: How to Train: Obstacle Course Race
Day 8: Howt to Train Effectively
Day 9: Crossfit!!!!
Day 10: Today is THE Day
Day 11: OCR Review: The Miami Terminator 
Day 12: How to Run an Obstacle Course Race: Part 1
Day 13: How to Run an OCR Part 2: During the Race
Day 14: How to Run an OCR, Part 3: Post Race
Day 15: A Serious Post on Depression
Day 16: Competition Prep and Lacking Motivation
Day 17: Aging Backwards
Day 18: Finding a Personal Record
Day 19: Bucket Lists
Day 20: K.i.s.s. (updated)
Day 21: Why Paleo? An Admission of Guilt
Day 22: But Doesn't Eating Fat Make Me Fat?
Day 23: TBT-- Who Made Off With My Mojo?
Day 24: Getting Older is Awesome!
Day 25: In Like a Lamb; Out Like a Lion
Day 26: Sometimes You Need to Wear a Tutu
Day 27: Pumpkin Walnut Butter Recipe
Day 28: Just a Little Patience
Day 29: Find Your Passion
Day 30: Goliath Gauntlet Race Review
Day 31: Finding Balance


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