Day 9: CROSSFIT!!!!


I really never ever thought I'd say that. When ESPN first televised the Games back in 2011, I watched with curiosity and concern. Like many people today, I thought much of the workouts looked dangerous-- the weights too heavy to be moved so fast safely, and the kipping weird. But I was a little fascinated. I mean-- check the 2014 Games out. ESPN is airing them or find clips on Youtube. There are some incredibly fit people performing some amazing feats.

I tried it for myself.
My 1st competition (I'm in the foreground)

And this is why I love it:
1. Constantly varied-- no two workouts are the same. After years of going to a gym, sitting on machines and performing the same workouts for weeks and months on end, CrossFit adds welcome variety.

2. High Intensity-- there is no not sweating in a WOD (Workout Of the Day). Workouts involve constantly moving and challenging yourself each day to a new level. Of course you need to know your limits and not push too far past them.

3. Functional Movement-- the entire body is engaged in moving in ways that are used in everyday life. Dead lifts-- picking something you dropped off the floor. Squats-- sitting down and standing up. Cleans-- lifting something from the knees or the ground and getting it up to shoulder
My most recent competition
level to carry. Plus-- if there's ever a zombie apocalypse, you'll be ready.

4. Community-- typically workouts are done in classes. Some boxes (gyms) offer open gym time to practice skills or do other work, but for the most part classes mean that everyone starts together and moves through the workout together (at his or her own pace).

5. Competition-- scores are recorded so that you can be a better you today than you were yesterday. Yes, of course, someone finishes the workout first and someone finishes last. But the biggest and best competition is you vs. you.


  1. Thanks for this! I have heard TONS about CrossFit and hadn't really heard anything detailed about what it's like or what to expect. To be honest, the lack of information (other than "CrossFit is great!" or "That CrossFit WOD really kicked my butt! SO tired!") has made me wary of even going in one of our local CrossFit locations to find out more. Do they have WODs for total fitness beginnners or do they expect you to have a certain level of basic fitness before you come in?

    1. Every box (gym) will have an "on-ramp" program-- the length varies-- where they will teach the major lifts to make sure your form is correct and safe, as well as assess your fitness level. Then you graduate into the typical classes. But each person is responsible to work at his/her own fitness level. So, they will post the work out with a suggested weight, and then you (with the coach's help) scale the weight to your ability. I've the exercises can be scaled as well-- so, if a person can't run, they might do rowing instead.

  2. So fun!! I found your blog through the 31 day challenge.
    I live in South FL and love CrossFit too for these same reasons!!
    It is so empowering as a woman and mom!!


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