Getting Old(er) is Awesome!

Day 24 in my 31 Days of Blogging... find my Fitter at Forty series here.
1 more day left in my 30s, so I thought I'd reflect a little...

Getting Old(er) is Awesome because...

  1. The alternative is to NOT get older. (Think about it.)
  2. I'm wiser. I've made lots of stupid mistakes and learned from them.
  3. I just don't care as much anymore. About what other people think, that is.
  4. I'm braver than I once was (see #3)
  5. I've learned not to take myself or life too seriously. (ok, still working on this) 
  6. I now qualify for the masters division in CrossFit.
  7. I've met so many interesting people
  8. I've found more friends.
  9. I've traveled more.
  10. I've made more memories.


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