FIND a Personal Record

Have you ever seen the movie Pollyanna
It's about this girl who always finds something to be glad about in any situation. 

That's pretty much my husband. Yep, he's Pollyanna. He always sees the good in everything. I am a pessimist. We are good for each other. But mostly he is good for me. 

As a pessimist, I am very easily frustrated by my progress-- or lack of it. I tend to focus more on all the things I'm not doing well. I look at the failed attempts at big lifts. I see how much faster someone else is. How much heavier some other person is lifting. How much weight someone else has lost. 

Not my husband. He shrugs it off. He's too busy finding a PR of some kind. 

When I think PR, I think big-- fastest 5k time, heaviest 1 rep max dead lift, most double unders ever done without stopping, finally achieving that muscle up. 

He thinks broader-- Did you run farther than you could last week-- even by 100 yards? Run faster at any distance? Did you lift the same weight for 1 more rep this week than you did last week? Did you do 2 more double unders today than you did yesterday? Did you do an extra pull up? An extra push up? Did you try something new? 

So, with that mentality, PRs are everywhere. You just have to find them.


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