Day 2: About Me

I guess I should introduce myself to those visiting...

I started blogging because I had always wanted to be a writer and finally realized that "Someday" actually needed to have a starting point. And I also wanted to track my training (some what) and running. From my blog title, you can tell that I was primarily a runner when I began the blog. (And I use the term "runner" loosely-- I'm not super fast; I just love to do it.)

Since beginning the blog, I've discovered CrossFit, which I've fallen madly in love with. And according to my husband, my body is composed of lots of fast twitch muscle fibers, which makes me better suited for short bursts of work (lifting) than longer endurance exercise. Anyway, don't be confused by the "Running for One" blog title. (And by the way, the "One" is God-- it's a reminder to me that He is the only audience that matters.)

Right now my goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Regionals in the masters division. THAT would be the #1 reason that I'm excited to be turning 40. I now get to compete in the old lady division. No more 20 year olds kicking my butt with their seemingly unending supply of energy and strength.

Not the best picture: this was my most recent competition, The Raid Games on 9/13/14.


  1. You go girl! I tried to get into running a few years back after being inspired by a friend who dropped about 150lbs by starting with walking and working her way up to running. By the time she'd hit 100lbs lost, she did her first marathon. I figured, if she could do it, so could I and it looked like a lot of fun too. I managed a few 5Ks (mostly walking), but then got hit by depression (yay.) and lost my mojo, as it were. I've heard lots of great things about CrossFit too. We have a number of places that do that where we are, but I've never checked it out. I used to love weight training when I was in college and I think I might really enjoy picking that back up again at some point. I'm very close to your age (38 this past spring) and I definitely wonder where the time has gone, although my kiddos are a little younger than yours. God bless you! I am headed to your next post and will keep reading along through the month!


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