Day 10: Today is THE Day

One of the biggest problems that we have with our fitness, I think, is our inability to just live in the moment. To just live for today.

People! Don't start Monday.
Don't even start tomorrow.
Start right now. 

People! Don't worry about what happened yesterday.
Don't worry about this morning.
Focus on right now. 

If you messed up yesterday.
Move on.
Don't make the same mistake today.
Be better right now. 


  1. Love this. So often I want to start something new at the beginning of a week or month etc because in my head that's what makes the most sense. But I'm working toward this point of 'today being the day' :)

    1. I find that when I plan to start tomorrow or Monday, it's just an excuse to eat more now or be lazy today.

  2. Wonderful message! My begin today days usually never happen. I have to say that I love that you're into fitness. My head and heart says I NEED TO DO THE SAME, but my body loves excuses! I need to take your advice and make TODAY be the day to START!

  3. Man, I am guilty of the Monday plan. And I have to add, you have the best banner photo:)

  4. Oh man. I'm planning to start Monday. *gut punch* lol!

  5. Love the banner photo! You must be an awesome trainer, since we can all hear it in your post. Thanks for the motivation to get started.


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